Shelterforce Magazine X 1520 Sedgwick Avenue

Shelterforce, the journal of affordable housing and community building, features my photo of 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in their current Spring Issue.
Shelterforce is the USA's oldest continually published housing and community development magazine and has been a primary forum for organizers, activists, and advocates in the affordable-housing and neighborhood revitalization movements. Shelterforce is published by the National Housing Institute, an independent nonprofit organization that examines the issues causing the crisis in housing and community in America. These issues include poverty and racism, disinvestment and lack of employment, safety, education, and breakdown of the social fabric. NHI examines how these and other factors affect people as they try to build safe, viable neighborhoods.
My photograph is included in the article "Saving the Birthplace of Hip Hop" by James Fergusson and shows the building in which Kool Herc, in 1973, held the first block party ever. What nobody knew but now I will reveal, is that the dude with the kangol hat on my photo is Grandmaster Caz.
Support the Shelterforce Magazine - I know 7.50 $ might be a high price BUT the National Housing Institute is a non-profit and non-govermental organization and it is active right there in our communities. How can anything be more important that how and where you live, what the conditions are and how they should and can be improved. Shelterforce is all about that.