Delicious Donuts Vol 2: ILLA J & FRANK NITT

i would like to know what you prefer generally - color or black and white.
it is a difficult process to edit photos - especially when the lightning is whack. then mostly i cant decide whether to keep em in color or to make em b/w. thus i have double work...and i just dont know.
this time i decided to keep the colors. which is funny, because i didnt think i would when i stepped into the tiny club which fills up with 100 people. the lightning was basically nonexistant, except two color changing neon lamps. they illuminated the background and made the photos so funky. and they are the reason the faces are dark too, no spotlight.

the show was great. it is amazing what a little portion of good vibes can do. it multiplies with each person in the crowd and fills the room with positivity. illa j and frank nitt make great music. and they are friendly people. and they have been asked very boring questions by some interviewers. but they were, apparently, positive enough not to let it change their vibe and spread love. on a mini stage with no light for 100 hardcore fans.

Illa J & Frank Nitt
Delicious Donuts Vol. 2
Illa J & Frank Nitt
21 April 2011
Hamburg, Germany