Souls Of Mischief & Chace Infinite ( Cannabis Cup IV )

When people organize a festival that is all about smoking marihuana, well, i guess a lot of things don't go the way they should, cos everybody stays high. I dont have a problem with that. But Souls and Chace performed on a different stage than DJ Muggs and Kid Cudi (pics will come soon) and the light there was basically not existant. I am very sad that the pictures didnt come out as nicely as they could have. However, I still love em. Sometimes, or most of the times, this rough look gives the images a sense of documentary rather than simply concert pictures. And thats actually how I like em for this Cannabis Cup Series. However, if you are picture-lazy (you shouldnt be on this blog lol) you should rather check these photos of the same artists out: Mic Check Four Twenty (Cannabis Cup III).Enjoy and stay tuned!

Souls Of Mischief

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Chace Infinite

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Cannabis Cup IV
Phesto D and Opio of Souls of Mischief, Chace Infinite
22 November 2010
High Times, Amsterdam, Holland