L.A. + Amsterdam = smokealot ( Cannabis Cup X )

Evidence (Dilated Peoples), DJ Rhettmatic, J.Rocc and Chace Infinite reunited in Amsterdam. It was a very westcoasty Cup anyway. Busy Bee Starski and DJ Ice invaded the circle and started rollin. oldschool meets newschool...chillin...gettin weed for free...laughing...obviously Ev had some funny things on his phone. Chace is amused and hungry. J.Rocc is annoyed by photos and by the fact that I was rockin Goodwood Africa chains and Chace was too high to bring the homies a few. Rhettmatic enjoys the sour smell. And Busy Bee likes to roll.. very very very much. This is how it goes down in the Melkweg Backstage, on a daily basis I guess.

Backstage (Cannabis Cup XI)
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L.A. + Amsterdam = smokealot (Cannabis Cup X)
Evidence, DJ Rhettmatic, J.Rocc, Chace Infinite, Busy Bee Starski, DJ Ice
23 November 2010
High Times, Amsterdam, Holland