PUFF PUFF PASS ( Cannabis Cup I )

Yeah so I flew over to Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup. I met up with the homie Chace Infinite (thanks for everything) and made him break his 3-month-fast with some "Bleu Cheesecake" haha. Day One (Cup didnt start yet): After seeing all kind of phallic curiosities around the city, having one of the best laughs in forever and feeling all frosty, we met Opio, Phesto (Hieroglyphics/Souls of Mischief), Devin the Dude and some friends at the hotel bar. We took a walk over to the venue and ended up in "Easy Times". Weed mixed with Hash mixed with this special Amsterdam-Holiday-Spirit that makes you feel even better than you actually already feel. The dog was high too. Phesto overdid it. The walk home was harsh. But the cheeseless Pizza was good, just as the sleep when you smoke and ate.

Photos of the Cannabis Cup will follow in a series. This is number one, before the Cannabis Cup actually even started. I got some nice photographs of DJ Muggs, Kid Cudi, the Souls of Mischief Duo, Del The Funky Homosapien, Devin the Dude, Evidence (Dilated Peoples), all kinds of stuff and people, and last but not least of Chace Infinite (Self Scientific).

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Puff Puff Pass (Cannabis Cup I)
Devin the Dude, Phesto D, Opio, Chace Infinite
22 November 2010
High Times, Amsterdam, Holland