rise and shine mighty people!

salaam brothers and sisters.

i am currently reading 1984 by George Orwell for the first time. as many of you probably already read it, you will agree with me about the scaring, horrifying similarities of that world and our world today. a life with total observation is close. actually, it's already there. we just don't (want to) realize that this little computer we all use daily is the "televisor" talked about in the book. and it's getting worse every minute...

"Er war ein einsamer Gast auf dieser Erde, der eine Wahrheit verkündete, die niemand jemals hören würde. Aber solange er sie verkündete, war auf eine geheimnisvolle Art und Weise der rote Faden nicht abgerissen. Nicht indem man sich Gehör verschafft, sondern indem man sich unversehrt bewahrte, gab man das Erbe der Menschheit weiter."

freely translated by me:

"He was a lone guest on this earth, announcing a truth that nobody would ever hear. But as long as he proclaimed it, on a mysterious way the red thread wasn't torn. Not by making yourself heard but by keeping yourself intact, you pass on the heritage of mankind."

maybe we don't know who will hear us. maybe we think our actions won't bring about any reaction.
but keep your good spirit people. don't let yourself be polluted. pass it on to your peoples.
we gotta fight the darkness with our rays of positivity, love and revolution.
maybe we won't save the world. maybe we won't see any change in our lifetime.
but a better world is possible.
for us, for the youth, for the coming generations to whom i cannot explain why we left them this battlefield.
we gotta wake up.
and shine.